Running and Golf

It is the season of running now and also with the Covid19 lockdown a lot of people have turned to running to deal with issues of inactivity.

If our Ottawa personal training studio were a temple you could say there are two things we always preach:

1. More than anything in fitness you need to stay strong, strength protects the rest of your body.
2. Always get proper rest, resting is where the magic of adaptation and repair take place NOT during activity.

There are those who can run without too many side effects. For the vast majority running is quite hard on the joints. We personally run road, trail, long and short races so we’re no stranger to the game. In general we know any vigorous sport comes with risk. If Tiger had started with a proper strength training program every week and rested more appropriately it is likely he wouldn’t have faced ill effects. Strength protects your joints as well as making them work much better.

Also remember it is individualistic, what seems ok for someone else may not be ok for you. It isn’t your short-coming we can’t be all things at all times. What is the new popular saying…

You do you”.

Be well, be strong
Andrew and Tierney

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