Spring, strength and snow…

While the rest of the fitness fads work to woo you with before and after extreme diet and ab shots we remain firm about strength. From experience we know that if you are embarking on exercise just to change how you look it will not last.

To make a real change in quality of life your reasons need to run deep. When someone realizes they aren’t in the 1% which can be models/actors motivation falls off. Certainly you will look better if you get strong but how you connect with it needs to be secure.

Here is another nice example of strength that matters. Our client and friend Greg is now in his late 70’s and didn’t want to give up a fun life. Greg strength trains with us just once a week but over time he has settled down a bad rotator cuff, suspect lower back and fortified a weak knee.


Greg, pictured above clearing the massive amount of snow we received this season, continues to enjoy swimming, hiking and the cottage life. Strength allows Greg to be energetic and injury free and will do so well in to his 80’s and yes his 90’s as well!

This is what we consider a real world testimonial because we all age and too many age so poorly. We may not promise miracle abs in 12 weeks but we offer quality of life across the board.

Once a week Body by Science based exercise to keep you in the spring of your life…

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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