Social media mess

We really shouldn’t knock social media as it has at least in a peripheral manner helped build our business but…what a mess. Judging a book by its cover has now reached epic proportions and online we are drowning in starved and drugged physiques.


It has always been our contention that wanting to look better goes hand in hand with feeling better in fitness but there is a huge difference between looking fit and healthy and actually being so. In fact, it is just as common for frail thinner people to suffer with age as overweight folks.

While improving your looks may provide plenty of initial motivation it is commonly short lived. Our experience as personal trainers has shown that you need less superficial reasons to be healthy and fit…looks just don’t last.


You may achieve a pile of easy ‘likes’ from trimming down and shaping up but to stay strong long term where it counts takes depth. You need to get over comparison and honestly let it sink all the way in – the connection between fitness and health and fitness and quality of life.

On the positive it is nice to see that social media is allowing the vast diversification of body types to surface. We are all born somewhat unique and maximizing ‘you’ just makes sense as a priority.

Be you, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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