The cycle of life and strength

Surprisingly even  the vast majority of those who are fitness conscious tend to suffer this ancient cycle:

  1. High energy and strength in your teens and 20’s.
  2. Plateau in energy and strength in your 30’s.
  3. Slow but steady drop off in energy and strength in your 40’s.
  4. Beginning of obvious physiological breakdowns in your 50’s.
  5. The need for medical interventions to support health and avoid pain in your 60’s.
  6. The sense of living on “borrowed time’.


You can stay active, eat well and rest properly and still follow this cycle because time and the small build up of stressors erodes physical strength thus reduces your energy. The truly shocking issue is the vast majority of people don’t even eat well or rest well let alone stay active as they age but why?

The answer is the same for both the conscientious group and the sedentary group. It is your bodies natural propensity for “use it or lose it”.  Over time the strength you use to have goes largely unused leading to frailty. This is what slows you down and makes you susceptible to ill-health and lowered quality of life. Recently the medical community has started to note that this condition does not have to be a given in the aging process.

Boys in the nature

Research now shows you don’t need to become a statistic, the simple prescription is once a week strength training. Those who discover this find it easy to sustain provided they do it safely.

“Only the strong survive” use to be the law of the jungle. Now with a weekly Body by Science workout we enjoy our recuperative powers and your strength survives.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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