Developing your deltoids

Your entire upper body strength depends on the strength of your shoulders. This routine was inspired by Edward Harrison of Vital Exercise ( ). Recently Ed posted a great routine called the DeFranco shoulder shocker. We have found thorough multi-angle shoulder routines like this are very effective so here is one of ours.


This is recorded in full to show it doesn’t take that long. Each exercise is taken to a point where range of motion and form start to fail. The key is to put in all the effort you can but avoid cheating unduly.

1.  Plate side raise to isolate and wake up the shoulder girdle.

2. Dumbbell rear raise mixed with alternating front raise to get all the muscles of the deltoids involved.

3. This is a lightened overhead press. You get to go lighter because you are holding at the top not resting at the bottom as you alternate. Allow yourself to use the seat back here.

Notes: Do not attempt to move fast. Focus on squeezing the shoulder muscles not just moving your arms. Use your breath to your advantage exhaling as you lift and inhaling as you lower. Take your time with the routine it isn’t a race you want deep thorough stimulation. Andrew is using a 45 lb plate and 25 lb dumbbells but you need to choose weight that makes sense for you. You can tell the left shoulder was lagging a bit as the neck was still out a bit from last race, another reason to always lift under control!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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