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Rather than make the standard ‘how to choose a personal trainer’ post we thought it would be more interesting to focus on the personal aspect. Academically we are both Master Fitness Clinicians but that doesn’t really address the notion of working with someone one on one.

So ladies first; the two main reasons Tierney is so accomplished are personal experience and drive. As much as she has wanted to enjoy being ‘sporty’ weight loss, body image, eating disorder, digestive and reproductive/hormonal issues use to plague her. She knows what it is to feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Her drive has allowed her to apply a scientific and objective approach to fostering a survivor rather than victim mentality and her drive see’s her increase strength and athleticism on a regular basis (even now in her forties).

For Andrew the two main factors for success have been the need to know and the need to repair. Often personal trainers suffer from being naturally genetically gifted with little need to understand the science of a hardgainer. When you aren’t naturally muscular or athletic you learn what honestly works or you don’t improve. This is coupled with the fact that chronic injuries from kickboxing made it a necessity to learn safe practices to develop pre-hab protocols – methods to repair and protect ones body. For Andrew now in his fifties longevity is of primary importance.

It is of course sensible that your personal trainer be in shape but it is equally important that they are more than just wannabe models or athletes needing work. Exercise instruction is only truly useful if the person you are working with comes from a place of depth, experience and science. Exercise can be powerful medicine if it is administered and performed properly.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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