Detox this…

Most disciplines which suffer from a lack of R&D funds for scientific (double-blind studied) research are susceptible to ‘catch phrase syndrome‘. We aren’t the first to tackle this subject but we have an often overlooked point to make. By syndrome we mean people getting caught up in an easy to remember idea and forgetting not to read too much into it.


If folks want to fast and drink green stuff we have no issue with this. Giving your digestion a break is fine especially if you are a junk food junkie and if you don’t mind spending the money…well it’s your money. Just don’t expect a deep cleanse.


What we want to point out is similar to the explanation we gave last week about fat burning exercise formats ( . We suggest that our take on the science is valid because we could easily make the same if not bigger claims about our own format of personal training.


What we said about fat burning can be echoed even louder about our type of exercise and detoxing…yet we never promote as such. We have never felt it fair to market short-term effects as long-term solutions. The fact is though a true full body muscle based workout which is not focused on bouncing and getting out of breath, has a strong and immediate effect on refreshing your bodies chemistry.


It is common to see clients who are feeling stressed, dragged out or just coming off a couple of days of more than normal drinking/deserting reporting an honest and strong feeling of wellbeing post workout. This is because we wring out your tissues thoroughly by squeezing all your muscles hard and stimulate the release of many good chemicals while doing so.

Bottom line is the effect is more powerful than standard detox/cleansing approaches but again we prefer to promote long term good habits where real deep change is made. Detox effects are superficial and short lived and do not offset the long term effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

As always…

Get strong, stay strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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