How about a quickie?

Sometimes you want to squeeze in a workout but you don’t have much time nor do you want complications. While this session isn’t for the rank newbie the average trainee will find it effective.

The key is strength, stamina and full body, thus the choice from us is barbell deadlift and dip machine. Dead’s because it hits back, legs and some arms all in one move. Dip machine (though a dip assist will work) because you aren’t constrained to a rep range based on your skill and body weight and it hits chest triceps and shoulders.

We chose these two because the deadlifts make the heart race and the dip machine allows a minor but useful slight recovery. This way you don’t stop just from heavy breathing and excessive heart pounding.

The approach is simple you go back and forth between exercises (no rest) performing eight reps each exercise. Just keep switching until your form shows the first signs of breaking. Then you finish by performing as many reps as you can in good form in each exercise. Move slow so you can work hard and note when form begins to fade.


This is also an easy way to train with (and against ;n) a partner as you just keep trading off equipment. You will find the push/pull effect great and you will actually warm into the exercises as you go, hit a peak output then fry and sizzle into muscular failure.

Give it a go and as always play safe!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




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