Forget willpower

Self discipline does not mean using as much willpower as you can all the time. The myth of willpower making or breaking getting strong and fit must die. Willpower is like educated guessing, it’s there only to temporarily bridge a gap because life is never perfect.

Real permanent improvement is created by putting time into forming habits. Habits take time to become permanent and this is why you set goals to keep you on point until habit is formed.


Take our friend Andre, now in his early sixties he wants to maximize his fitness so he can have decades more of living the good life. Andre set a strong goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his daughter this summer. First because it will become a precious family memory and second because he must be in top condition to complete this goal.

Like all the best goals it is exciting, tough, fun and he has a support system. He has defined the goal and the process and made himself accountable right down to hanging his progress chart in our Ottawa personal training studio change room.


Andre prepping in the Gatineau hills and at our Ottawa personal training studio

This is a solid example of how strong new habits are made. This is how you make a point of being honest with yourself about how well you truthfully are. Will it be tough for Andre? You bet and that is where the satisfaction will come from.

Easy commitments and easy choices lead to a hard life. Tough choices and strong commitments lead to an easy life…a life that doesn’t pass you by and that you wouldn’t trade for anything.

So go team Andre! We’ll check back with him over the next few months and hopefully inspire many others to climb up and out of mediocrity!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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  1. Cathy Hendry says:

    Excellent article!!!!

    Cathy :)

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