Stress verses Strength

Many fitness and nutrition oriented things profess all sorts of super sounding health stuff but it all ends up coming off like promissory fluff. When we launch into our explanation about our Ottawa personal training services we rarely seem to make the basic health pluses clear.


What we try to do is make it clear that the effect of getting physically stronger isn’t magical but worthwhile. In fact we thought the attitude of ‘we’re not strong you’re weak’ ( ) would drive home the point…nope.

The funny thing is the concept seems convoluted but the actual result is as basic as basic gets. A strong body resists stress and moves around better than a weak body. We weaken with age and just accept it. Strength training not only stops this but can actually make a person better than what they were born with.


The part where people get cynical seems to be “well we all still get old and wrinkly and die so…”

The fact is quality of life is exponentially increased through strength and there is mounting evidence that it contributes significantly to reducing ‘all cause mortality’. The thing is at the very least you have more energy over the months and years because you can handle stress a lot easier. It takes time for exercise as medicine to work but the effects are deep and seriously protect us against physical accidents and disease.


Avoiding stress (stress reduction) and trying to rest more/make things easier is exactly like taking pain killers. It works temporarily only and at heart it is just avoidance. Some things need to be done better and others even cut right out of your life but strength is about adding to you.

Sure get a better job, better circles to run in, do things more efficiently and try not to sweat the small stuff. Cut the booze, late nights staring at a screen and eat more decent food but remember ‘strength’ makes you better and more capable in every way.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




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