Exercise nutritional density

Nutritional density is an easy concept to picture, some food contains more nutrients than others. Iceberg lettuce versus dark greens or more obvious a bag of chips versus a sweet potato. Some foods are fun but full of empty calories while others take thought and preparation but provide plenty of valuable nutrients at a reasonable calorie load.


The same exact thing can be said about exercise. Exercise which is thoughtful and carefully but dramatically challenges your weaknesses is ‘dense’ with the stimulus for stamina and strength.


With exercise it is how much stimulus there is per unit of time. Running on a flat surface at 100 steps per minute is a lot easier and less fitness dense than up a hill at the same pace. This is the same as how moving slowly lifting heavy weight with minimal rest between sets is a lot more effective than moving quickly with momentum, bouncing/cheating and it’s safer.


“Body by Science” the most nutritionally dense form of exercise 

This is why our personal training clients exercise much less than you see in mainstream box gyms. When you exercise with rich, intense density you achieve more in much less time. In fact, avoiding junk exercise is actually easier on your body over the long run.

When you exercise think about the quality rather than just how fun it is, the fun comes when you are strong and capable of doing what previously you had to avoid. An obvious sign you are not exercising well is you consider any old physical activity exercise rather than just natural living. When you are honestly fit you just move easily and being active isn’t a life ‘style’ it is your norm.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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