Exercise Traction


New year new analogy, here we try to get a grip on clarifying our approach to exercise. In our experience a decent analogy lets things get beyond our little comfortable corner and in to the hands of real people like yourself.

We teach exercise as a foundation…a support system for your health, activities and lifestyle in general. Sounds fine sure but this means we separate sports and in fact any activity from exercise. This is where we leave folks looking at us a bit sideways, how is running, swimming, biking etc not exercise?!


Ok let’s use your cars tires to try to sell our point. Your tires have tread and the more you use them the more you wear them away causing you to slowly lose traction over time. Our personal training approach is to specifically stimulate (through controlled strength training) your bodily tissues to regenerate like being able to re-grow the tread on your tires.

Your tires will wear down from any activity as you age. Running, walking and just general living wears out your treads. Some activities may in some ways toughen up your treads but in time the repetitive actions will cause wear lines to appear. Our method of strength exercise is designed to stimulate just enough to rebuild all the tread and target your weaknesses specifically to eliminate wear points.


We WANT you to be active and enjoy the traction of strong tire grip in fact we hope to increase your control on the road of your life. You may prefer a summer, all season or snow tire but regardless your treads should be regenerated and fortified.

Whether racing slicks or 4 X 4 lugs – Strength…makes the ride better.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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