Is a year ending or is a new year kicking off? Are you mourning the old you or dreaming up a new person you would be proud to inhabit?

This resolution thing is either met with an embrace or a handful of disdain. In our world of health and fitness it’s the greedy ‘go to’ when it comes to marketing. The fact is it presents an odd situation. On the one hand it represents the chance to stop negative and replace with positive but at what expense? The naysayers are not all wrong and turning your back on the person who got you this far…you…smells a little of disrespect.


Our opinion remains unchanged. You have three choices: strength, weakness or ignoring the first two choices. We choose to deal with the now, to live the now. There is no real failure if you haven’t given up or, as has been attributed to both Churchill and Lincoln:

“Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.

We achieved many goals this year and missed others. We injured and healed and persevered all because of strength. We have as many if not more goals for this coming year and we neither dwell on the past nor pipe dream about the future.

We are who we are now and always will be the strongest version of ourselves we can be. Here’s to knowing who you are and treating that person with care and respect.


Wishing you all the best in strength and happiness.

Andrew and Tierney



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