Exercise for Life…then Live

January gym jam is on and come spring it will die down from a roar to a whimper. It seems the idea of a sustainable exercise method let alone a sustainable nutrition approach is not yet the norm. Diets are purchased and memberships locked in but the majority is NOT staying in shape.


As we touched on a couple of articles ago the idea of trying to totally ditch the ‘old you’ is a bit flawed. How about adding to you? How about carving out some time and effort for being strong to sustain your health and happiness?

Our approach (basically the Body by Science protocols: https://doesitreallywork.org/body-by-science-review/  ) not only makes sense from a physiological stand point but a true life long success point of view. Exercise in a manner which gets the whole thing done at once so you can afford to do it month after month, year in year out.


It’s far easier if your trip to a mechanic or dentist or the grocery store covers all your needs in one visit. The more you must go back the less chance there is things will get taken care of…fully…over the long run. When it comes to the benefits of working out the long run is where it actually counts, where it actually matters to your health and aging.


The reason this isn’t widely understood is there is still a mixing up of activity and exercise. We promote exercise based on condensed strength and stamina workouts – these in turn make it possible for you to be more active in your life in general. You may choose to take the stronger you for a walk, a swim, ski, skate, bike ride, volleyball game, tennis, basketball, kayaking, kickboxing …and so forth and so on. The point being exercise which actually gets the job done and done efficiently will keep you moving and feeling good for life.

Exercise for life…then live.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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