Get a grip (on back exercise)


The number one complaint we hear from clients with regards to back exercises is ‘failing grip’. When you work your back muscles you tend to be pulling in some form or other thus your hand grip is a weak link.


In a previous post we showed a good way to learn to control your back muscles but if your grip is giving out it can make things tough . Here we show an easy to put together ‘no grip row’ using just bands and wrist wraps. This is a simple method to allow you to perform pulling actions without worrying about grip.

This video demo shows us using a high row angle but this will work for standard and low rows as well. The wrist wraps are foam and velcro ‘sheik’ brand and are reasonably padded for comfort. Any loop of band will work just let the band line up with the centre of your palm and away you go!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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