The easiest leg exercise (you’ve never tried)


Though we are diehard Nautilus exercise machine lovers we also appreciate variety in exercise. Here is an exercise so simple it is almost entirely overlooked…yet it is tough enough and stimulating enough to stand up against any leg move. This move has the advantage of loading the quads without loading your knee.


This won’t take as much balance as it might look as long as you try not to cheat. At first it will feel too light and too easy but after about 5-6 reps boom it will burn.This is where you stick to proper form – no leaning or swinging the leg and NO speeding up.

This looks simple but even a light weight plate will end up feeling heavy here. In fact you could use almost anything which weights 20-50 lbs here as long as you can maintain its balance on your thigh. Go slow and work on pausing at the top of the movement while the knee is high up…even when you are getting muscle burn! 


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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