Side raise solution #1


As mentioned in past posts, your strength when lowering a weight (elongating your muscle) is significantly higher than when lifting (shortening a muscle). The following exercise once again takes advantage of this to better exercise your shoulders.


This idea we believe is accredited to the late great Vince Gironda . It is interesting in that it allows you to put more weight than usual (during a standard dumbbell side raise) on your deltoids – yet reduces typical cheating where one shrugs upwards, using their traps and neck muscles instead of shoulders.

Make sure to go slow on the lowering of the weight, you are looking to resist hard through the downward portion. Then you just curl the weights back up to press position and repeat. Again, fight the urge to speed up as you fatigue especially on the lowering portion. Squeeze those shoulders hard as you pass the mid-point where it is toughest and the arms are parallel to the floor. Experiment with weight, we use a weight lighter than your standard overhead press yet heavier than you would normally use in the side raise.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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