Choosing Weakness?

Those who know us are familiar with our strength centric talk. We try to describe the fundamental of strength in as many, hopefully motivating, methods as possible. It occurs to us there may be value to looking at both sides of the issue.


It baffles us that being weak, especially for woman, is accepted as the norm and that a strong woman is considered a stand out. It makes no sense to us the common notion of aspiring towards ‘taking it easy’ and physically resting all the time to try to off set mental/emotional stress.


We grow into adults and get stronger along the way then we plateau. People use to be very physically active to achieve the basic necessities of life so much so that it eventually wore out their bodies. Now we do so little physically we see lack of use cause the same issue. In both cases we suppose it seems to be everyone’s natural lot in life to weaken. Life seems to weaken us and modern people have responded by just trying to ease the pain of weakening as much as possible.


We are trying to say this is a natural mistake but a mistake never the less. We are here to say that it doesn’t have to be this way. Progress has allowed us to avoid hard, manual labor and it can also allow us to maintain strength our whole lives.


We have always known tough conditions can toughen people but also eventually break them. The key is just to take a single controlled step back from how and how much you toughen. The result? You get to live your life out with an energetic, resilient body which handles stress and enjoys fun stress.


The choice is everyones but it is an inevitable choice, be strong, stay strong or spend your years trying to minimize the side effects of progressive weakness.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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