Setting the example for our parents…

…and for the kids.


You see the generation ahead of you, frail, seeking relief, ease, medication, lacking mobility, afraid of getting hurt, worried about falling. You see the generation coming behind you, inactive, addicted to junk food and junk entertainment.


Do you see you? Do you see your physical strength fading as fast as a 70 something? Do you ever test your strength to know the truth?


Your parents don’t know they can effectively strength train and save their quality of life and the kids don’t know they need to. You can pull it back together and be strong. You can be the generation that saves the others from debilitating weakness.


We saved ourselves from starvation, rampant disease and eroding manual labour. Lets not waste it by avoiding regular strength exercise. Let us protect what we worked so hard to gain freedom over with reasonable, responsible weekly strengthening.


Lets make staying strong and capable the norm…everyone will benefit.


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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