The currency of life…

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It use to be that you had it made if you were a man and you were born exceptionally muscular and strong and if you were woman you were on easy street if born with exceptional curves and beauty. You know what is wrong with both these things? They both fade so quick.

Perhaps it is good that as a society we now look a little deeper than these stereotypes but perhaps something has been forgotten. 

Barely past the halfway point of your life you are considered old…then just ‘older’ from then on. Men get feeble and woman are basically told to kiss their sex appeal good-bye. It seems our whole system of worth is stacked against the second half of your life. This is especially loaded against woman who aren’t encouraged to pursue strength let alone a muscular body thus have almost no avenue to maintain their form save for constant food restriction.

In our modern world slowing and sagging past middle age is accepted as the norm. Remaining strong and attractive is not a common expectation of the 55+ crowd. People spend decades concerned more about financial security than the fact that their life is led like they have a low grade flu all the time.

We say as strength is allowed to mature it epitomizes beauty and the best of humans. We know it is possible to preserve in fact it is possible to enhance at any age. Strength to us is a basic currency of life.


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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