The cure for Sarcopenia

…must be taken in regular doses.

That’s right you don’t need surgery or drugs, you don’t need to learn a whole new pile of jargon or get new friends and a complete lifestyle makeover. What you do need is to be consistent following this prescription.

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The cure is loading you muscles, joints and bones with high levels of fatigue while they are under high levels of load. Plainly described you need strength training exercise on a consistent basis.


If you exercise specifically for strength then rest properly and eat reasonably you will beat Sarcopenia! If you don’t take advantage of this medicine you will lose strength as you age which makes you susceptible to illness.


Your stronger body will have more endurance and greater mobility. If you allow weakening then instead of stamina and athleticism you will have less interest in sustaining any activity and thus ‘wind down’ your life quicker.




Is strength training exercise time consuming or risky?  No, it doesn’t have to be.

Is resting properly that important?  Yes, as important as exercise.

Is nutrition complicated?  No, healthy protein and fat sources sources are easy to find and it is simple and sensible to carefully regulate sugar/carbohydrate intake.


Remember two things from this post:

  1.  We all age so we are all susceptible to the disease of Sarcopenia but there is a cure, there is no excuse to allow your body to suffer.
  2. Strength is not just a pillar of athleticism it is the absolute foundation of health and quality of life. Weakness is the opening – the invitation for injury, being overweight, having low energy and high susceptibility to illness.


Next we will talk about different approaches to strength exercise, recovery and nutrition so you can easier commit to the cure and erase this slow, silent and debilitating disease.


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




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