? Sink or Swim ?

A fellow ‘abbreviated exercise’ fitness pro Tom Traynor (http://www.tomthetraynor.com) known for explicit analogies was talking about bailing out a boat as an analogy for mistaken efforts to deal with being out of shape. Usually we just nod, chuckle politely and ‘like’ his post. This time ‘this’ metaphor of a sinking boat stuck.


It is, at least to us, a melancholy fact that people generally see their bodies as vessels they are stuck at the helm with. Too many think of their aging bodies as leaky containers designed to eventually sink figuratively if not literally six feet under. Some try the constant if not incessant tea cup size bailing out process of repetitive cardio. Others cling to the quick patch of a fad diet but few casually attempt to rebuild the broken parts.


It appears much of the public is resigned to only trying to slow the slide under the sea while others struggle not to capsize. Ok quips aside the point is this – Fitness (exercise, nutrition, activity, recovery) is a science now and there is a better way. You can rebuild and you can properly repair leaks and gaps in your health.


What it takes is absorbing that you do have the ability of self repair provided you point your immune system in the right direction. With this is the need to make non-confusing instructions…then allow the *magic to happen. This means not abusing exercise but rather making it quality rich then walk away. The magic of recovery and adaptation happens during rest NOT while you are exercising.


Certainly we encourage you to stay active but rather than grind out too much repetitive style actions begging for fat loss we want you to mix it up a bit. Different activities bring different relief, fun and distraction while avoiding overuse issues.

The Effective Exercise Fundamentals

A) Strength train in a Stamina based format. This means forget light easy repetitive, quick movement exercise that will have no more effect on you than walking, which is healthy to maintain health however it will not make any significant usable changes to your body. Instead pick tougher somewhat heavier exercises and perform them circuit style as in succession with little or no rest between movements.

B) Bouncing and moving quickly may feel like a good workout and feel athletic but it is not the way to stimulate serious changes. Move under control, don’t cheat, instead load your body parts through the full range of motion of each exercise.

C) Target your weaknesses rather playing to your strengths. Just getting a feeling of exertion (heart rate elevated, sweating, breathing hard) is not a true indicator of proper exercise. Focus on working your non dominant side, focus on your weak areas. At first it should feel awkward but if your make actual physiological changes things will truly even out.

Bottom line you can make incredible change through safe but intensified and carefully directed exercise…but you don’t need much of the real thing. An remember recovery both active and passive should remain consistent and enjoyable.

* of course not magic but being complex and generally misunderstood the changes often appear magical in nature.

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