Clinic Tour

Though we have several videos up we haven’t actually posts a brief overview of our clinic…let’s have a look.


Up front is the office and the Nautilus Shoulder Press, Fly/Reverse Fly and our super tough to find and restore Duo Squat (amazing for knee and hip rehab) as well the 10-90lb Selectech Dumbbells which really let us mix it up and individualize. There is T learning reading as always while I’m mucking about with my Apple toys.


Changes rooms one of which doubles as the Nautilus 4 way Neck and Abdominal room (we are equipment junkies). The Neck machine is up all the way from Virginia and the Ab piece is all the way down from northern Ontario (Sturgeon Falls). We are super proud of our comprehensive spinal rehab/core line.


On left we have the Nautilus Super Pullover, Chest Press, Rotory Torso and Triple Grip Row and 2nd set of Power Blocks to mix in to some of the best designed machine moves ever made. On the right is our Free Weight/Body Weight room with Power Blocks, Barbells, Bars, Gravitron (assisted Chin-Up/Dip), ShoulderHorns, Incline/Decline Bench which also has a preacher attachment and a Leg Extension/Leg Curl add on which is really smooth and effective considering it’s simple design. A lot of advanced and personalized movement happens in this corner.


To the left is our Nautilus Lower Back – Lumbar/Posterior Chain machine and our Leg Press/Calve Raise. Finally just a look out our front window and reverse through our Nautilus logo. For a small clinic the many large windows really instil a sense of wellness.

Please feel free to drop in and visit, though we book only by appointment we are available 7 days a week, early to late. Try a session and experience the difference a clinician makes.

Be Well,

Andrew & Tierney


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