T2 (T Move Advanced)

Here we demonstrate how we can advance an exercise set without having to always add weight, do more or move quicker. The additions are deceptively difficult so please be sure you have the original T Move pattern down pat before moving on. Tierney is still only holding 15 lb powerblock dumbbells but these will accumulate in effect relatively quickly. A key advantage here is that this increases the effect of the circuit without having to learn all new moves. You basically build on the foundation of what you have already learned and avoid the rut and staleness of an over used routine. Later you can go back to the original T Move and add extra weight then progress again to the advanced ‘tweaked’ version. In the future we will show different ways to tweak this same routine so you can keep it fresh. Start slow and give this a go!

T2 video above includes audio commentary.


Link below is the original T Move demo and extra full explanation video. The second description video allows you to get a thorough understanding of execution of the four basic moves.



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