Client Eye Opener

It pays to listen and recently a client and fellow business associate from our BNI group (Business Network International, Westboro chapter) offered an eye opener.


We spend so much time and effort trying to promote fitness displaying our prowess and understanding that we tend to overlook the simple, practical elements which actually inspires the life altering, health changing parts.


The Barrier

The problem is crossing that invisible but powerful line which separates you from the fitness you want. It is there, we see signs of it everywhere – a lack of plain, basic physical fitness in most of the population yet a desperate desire to have it.

We like to refer to what we offer as an actual honest to goodness no brainer. When you actually think about it you tend to talk yourself out of it and put it off as if somehow some day you may stumble upon inspiration or find the time possibly a magic answer. That day doesn’t come and your body, health and productivity suffer. Oh well there are worse things than sacrificing your body in service to your family and work right? Complete nonsense and a rationalization to justify your avoidance so what is happening here? You want it, you need it, your family and vocation will benefit from it…so what gives?!

This is where our client, friend and ‘business growth mentor’ of sorts comes in.



Maybe you have tried and failed before. Maybe you fear change because you are working so hard for security. Maybe you pretend you are willing to accept your present physical condition, whatever manner in which you formulate your letter of personal denial the bottom line is avoidance of commitment. If you join us you face a commitment that may confront you at a later point. Perhaps you imagine with distaste someone metaphorically looking over your shoulder as you make poor food choices or skip a workout in favour of lethargy.

Good, good for you, you already completely ‘get this’ because you are right, joining us will mean a back-up conscience. That is why it works. If it made honest sense to do it on your own you already would and would have for decades. In actuality you have to manage so many of the important aspects of fitness by yourself that having us in your corner is actually welcome input once you get going. If the general public, regardless of personal situation were going to handle this all at the level that matters and on their own, they would…they don’t.



It is natural to want to be fit and we all understand how it benefits health and quality of life – it is unnatural to restrict calories at anytime and it is counterintuitive to expend vigorous physical effort where it isn’t absolutely and immediately required. Eating and resting as much as is available IS natural and ingrained in our DNA period. This is why committing to a fitness professional allows for the desperately needed accountability required to get and KEEP the job done.

This is why such things as the buddy system work but sometimes buddies get co-dependent and let each other off the hook. Sometimes a group helps but you can even find anonymity in a crowd. The real answer is people like us who you have an appointment with, who are willing to be the bad guy and the one who takes flack but keeps you on track. The one who reminds the deeper you that this matters, you deserve this and you need this. Not only do you become more productive but you become a power of example and have more to offer in general.

Bear in mind, this isn’t a marriage to us this is your relationship with yourself and your willingness to put your own foot down and take care of business. The list of benefits are practically endless but so are the excuses – let us help you complete the right list.

– WeFit your fitness accountant/accountability agent.

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