Posture, Pain…Shoulders.

We see a lot of people who have neck pain, shoulder and upper pack posture problems. We see even more who lack upper body development because shoulders are their weak link.

Here is an excellent bit of homework we devised. This was formatted for a male Doctor friend of ours but females can use as well with a slight reduction in weight used. 

There is audio commentary included.

The audio commentary refers to a male with 10 lb dumbbells, our regular recommendation is for females to start with 5 lbs. For males you just work to achieve a controlled repetition count of 15 reps and only increase weight on the last exercise (from 10 to 15 then ultimately 20 lb dumbbells). A woman, some of which may actually start at a 3 lb dumbbell can aim to get up to 5 lbs in the first 2 exercises and 10-15 lbs in the second. It isn’t about weight here it is about controlled range of motion to balance out deltoid function.

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