Let it go already…

2022 is in the rear view and judging by the level of tension and frustration we have seen in folks it’s time to say…let it all f**king go!

We have experienced a brutal pandemic because our business was closed and we were left hanging with no end in sight…but we just kept leaning forward. Because paying our mortgage was in question we had to once again put off getting married so we planned our recent elopement.

We took the dead time to regroup and reorganize and start working on new goals. We do this to feed and maintain forward momentum because it’s just too easy to backslide and rot.

Everyone has opinions and attitudes about everything and guess what…that’s fine. Move on and substantiate yours you’ll be far better for it.

Let dates be memories and enjoy the satisfaction of leaning into and looking forward…what can you do next?!

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “Let it go already…”

  1. Mike Paul Courneya says:

    This a great outlook! As always, I appreciate your advice and try to work your wisdom into my everyday thoughts/actions. Thank you!

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