We’re special?

As personal trainers it is common that we get treated as if we found something shiny on the beach. That we have this thing that’s special and should be grateful for it because others covet it.

Being in shape and exercising consistently isn’t special but unfortunately an “anti-physical life” is ordinary these days. Letting yourself weaken and erode while doing little or nothing about it has become the new normal. This mundane allowance for a low quality of life which is masked by superficial busyness and erratic entertainment is literally destroying society.

Weakness and the tiredness it brings leaves people vulnerable. This vulnerability makes them defensive. This over sensitivity leads to folks pitting against each other. Out of shape people are less tolerant and quicker to judge each other.

We don’t have something special we just do what is necessary for decent health and to make living life an act of remaining engaged with reality. Out of shape people tend to be seriously lost in fantasy…we choose to not miss out.

It’s not special to have a fitness program.

Andrew and Tierney

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