Strength Spectrum?

We get asked all the time “can I still build strength/muscle at my age?” There continues to be confusion around the foundation of being in shape.

Strength can always be significantly increased the confusion comes from forgetting to consider genetics. Some people are tall and some are short and everything in between, the same goes for muscle. The average person isn’t born particularly strong and thus they weaken significantly by the time they hit their 40’s. The fact is this can be halted and reversed with basic strength exercise.

Most people must accept that they aren’t athletes but that they can seriously improve their fitness through strength. Just because you weren’t born an athlete isn’t an excuse to just let your body fall apart. In fact a case can be made that for the majority of us in the “standard genetic zone“ getting strong is more important than it is for the small percentage of naturally athletic folks.

Work with what you have and you will be happily surprised with the improvements you can make. Forget comparison and just get strong.

Be well, be proactive,

Andrew and Tierney

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