Jan and Feb always see’s a whack of hopefuls trying to melt off the fat and once and for all get fit. By March most will have run out of motivation and April will see all but a few give up and give in. The truly toughest thing to know is that very few of those very few who stick it out will stay in good shape after hitting their goals.

Our solution has always been the same, stick with strength as your focus and through time you will win. An easy proof of this in making a direct comparison between men and woman.


Why is it so much easier for men to get in shape? Why do men just seem to need less of everything good to be in shape? The fundamental truth is lean muscle…strength. The male body and metabolism is significantly more conducive to dropping fat and keeping it off. This is because it is basic strength which determines ALL of your body composition outcomes. Your all important calculation of body fat percentage is a direct comparison of lean muscle to fat.

Strong really should be the new skinny

Females trying to burn off fat while their strength is lacking are kidding themselves. It is not sustainable let alone achievable to try to melt fat stores by starving yourself while being super active especially if your engines of metabolism (your muscles) are too small and too weak. What throws people off is woman often have naturally good endurance and ladies mistakenly think lots of sweating will do the trick. Fact is men, metaphorically speaking, sweat harder faster simply because they can burn more resources because of bigger, stronger engines.

The key to fitness, quality of life and longevity is and always has been strength.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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