You were young – you had plenty of energy, curiosity and strength. Next you began to live with hunter-gatherer ferocity. In time you hit a “coasting” phase and slowly begin to fade.

Each generation is hitting this coasting phase earlier and the side effects have become a health killer. This drop in energy and dwindling strength is specifically from the loss of your unused muscles. The medical term is sarcopenia:

The Strength and stamina you grew during your childhood years is lost because you don’t use it as an adult. You will however need it eventually because the stress of aging wears down the human body. Thus all the lean muscle you can maintain is literally “life money” in the bank.

This is why our Ottawa personal training studio prioritizes strength. Sure you can look better, feel better even enjoy sporting activities better but the most serious commitment is to age well.

“Weakness is the doorway to disease.”

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

See our free and easy to follow home workout on our home page:

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