The Ounce of prevention

We preach pro-active healthcare over reactive sick-care not just because it makes us money but because it costs you less.

When your body breaks down it takes massive amounts of time and energy to return it to normal and sometimes it never fully recovers. Protecting your body pro-actively actually takes little time and it literally increases your energy.

As we age the limited nature of time becomes ever more obvious. The investment of a simple weekly exercise program doubles as a regular place holder reminding you to be mindful about your health habits in general. It’s an appointment thus an easy upkeep reminder.

Pay now or pray later for the miracles of modern medicine to undo the damage done with pounds of ‘cure’.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “The Ounce of prevention”

  1. Greg Roseman says:


    As I age I think diet might be as important or more important than exercise. I do a pretty intense weekly weight workout, and occasionally do a short air dynne sprint session, but diet is always the long pole in the tent. Food is everywhere and saying no is difficult. Love your emails and posts.



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