It really is that simple, after all is said and sold, marketed and promoted…you have a choice. The majority of the population let’s time choose for them and avoids shaping their future.

There are fat sweating schemes and more diets than one can keep track of. There are get fixed quick promises and flashy fitness photos but it has always really come down to “are you getting stronger or are you getting weaker?”

As we age we lose strength through muscle wasting and bone density loss and only solid strength training preserves you. As one loses strength their metabolic rate slows…everything slows.

Building and retaining strength keeps your energy healthy. It keeps you better protected from any and all stress. Muscle wasting even if very slow and almost imperceptible on a day to day basis, causes frailty and makes you prone to injury.

Perhaps the most important benefit of being strong is it makes you better able to ward off disease. And should you be unfortunate enough to face serious disease it makes you tenfold more likely to recover.

Fads come and go, strength is here to stay…if you want it to be.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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