It’s a bit of a mystery to us how people who can discriminate nutrient quality of food choices can be the same ones who flock to silly “FAT BLASTING! FAT BURNING” fitness fads.


We suspect people just secretly can’t give up wishing they could exercise away the flab. Even when we explain the actual physiology of cardio the urge to magically melt away the unwanted parts remains.

Listen if you don’t know that when you hit liposis (the fat burning point in your activity) your entire physiology is triggered to work against fat loss then here are the hard facts:

“As you use your fat stores you are using your emergency reserves and as a result the rate at which your metabolism works is slowed – your ability to store fat increases – and the hunger cycle is put into full gear.”

A pound of your adipose tissue (body fat) can fuel you with anywhere from about 3500 to 4500 calories depending on your general genetic make up. This means even an exercise session which advertises to burn hundreds of calories would take ridiculous amounts of time to force the shedding of even a couple of pounds.

If people actually knew the fundamental physiology 90% of the fitness industry might crumble. Don’t believe us? Do your own research – not fitness based but physiology based.


Look we can make a very strong case that our form of full body strength training burns more calories than any other type of workout. We mobilize far more muscle mass and induce a far higher level of momentary muscular and cardio pulmonary output than anything else. An average 30 minutes with us burns 500 – 800 calories before and again after our sessions but guess what!? We actually advise clients to eat right after their sessions so their metabolisms doesn’t slow and strength/stamina can be maximized.

Maybe next post should be EASY ABS or SWEATING AWAY YOUR PROBLEMS…probably not…enough ranting for now.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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