Never waste a major crisis.

We choose to look not for the good or bad of a situation but for the access to facts which situations can provide. Often when a person has a health crisis it turns into a positive experience of examining there entire body and lifestyle. It exposes things in a raw manner making everything easier to recognize.

We feel the same about the present day pandemic. It has made it undeniable that we have an overwhelming problem with healthcare and it is a cultural problem. In over a year no government has helped people access exercise and fitness to help prevent against poor infection outcomes. Instead they have placed all the pressure on drugs. Even the idea of a nuanced approach of social behaviour, taking care of ones self and vaccines has yet to come together.

The leading causes of death are still heart disease and cancer this past 12 months. The conditions which lead to these diseases have also proved to be the reason behind the infections devastation. This crises has made it clearer than ever that frailty past the age of 60 and poor fitness in general are the main reasons why people succumb to disease but why do we think it is cultural?

Continued in part 2:

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