5 cardinal rules for getting in shape…

1. Exercising 100 times over a 2 year span is way more significant to your body and health than exercising 100 times for only 6 months of that 2 year period.

2. Eating just a little less each day than you normally do over a 2 year time frame will make you far more fit than doing a 3 month crash diet in that same 2 year span.

3. Strength training is 10 times more important than any other form of exercise – all other exercise and activities depend on it.

4. Sleep quality will make or break your fitness and health.

5. Mindset – balanced physical fitness is a natural easy state…your brain and body just need to be reminded.

After decades and countless amounts of personal training work/experimentation these we state with complete confidence.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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