Exercise response habit

If you scratch the surface of almost anyone who has a consistent weekly exercise program you will find a story about coping. Turning to exercise as a means of handling mental/emotional health is pretty much the norm.

We have found that when you make your body strong you can feel you have accomplished something. When you know you have done something productive for yourself it strengthens your mood.

The act of putting out regular vigorous exercise effort is huge for self-care. You know you have invested in yourself and thus your self-worth goes up.

One key is to just reach for exercise and try it, no expectations just do a workout and take the win. When you look at exercise as a mode to cope with all forms of negativity it becomes easy to remain committed. There’s never going to be a shortage of stress coming up so it’s actually quite easy and natural feeling to build an “exercise response habit”.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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