The Strength Diet Conclusion

In this series we have been gently educating you into the idea of a different kind of diet. The strength diet is fundamentally about changing body fat percentage NOT just dropping body weight.

For more reasons than could be covered in this series an old style “fat to skinny” diet is just harmful and useless. On the whole few people with the rare thin body type can get away with it. And in the end even they end up frail and extra susceptible to disease.

The strength diet is about replacing fat mass with lean mass. This means dense bones and strong muscles as well as resilient connective tissue. It is about positive additions rather than loss and self-loathing.

Change your headspace and look to make a strong sustainable form of eating for yourself. That is the healthy use of the word “diet”. Diet as in your personal food formatting, something which gives you energy and strength to enjoy living a full physical life.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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