The guilt trip

Durning this Covid 19 crisis we were given all the time in the world…has everyone taken advantage and created a workout program? What happened to the primary complaint about not having time to exercise?

What needs to be accepted is we are strictly creatures of habit. We make decisions and experience feelings on a continuum.”

As personal trainers we are exposed to all the excuses. The good thing about an excuse for not exercising is it that on some level it must matter. Truth would be saying “it’s not a priority” rather than “I don’t have time”. In that it matters, people tend to block and deny rather than just accept what is…is.

Our approach has always been that exercise is not important now it is important always. We don’t speak about getting started we promote getting into the flow. Physical health and by direct extension your life is passing you by if you don’t exercise every week, every month, every year…every decade.

Being physical fit is about acceptance and consistency. Too tired to workout? Your workout IS to make you tired and in a good way then you get stronger and ultimately enjoy more energy.  Excuses are baseless…always. 

Workout now and look only forward. You can only influence forward. Physical strength begets physical strength just as weakness feeds weakness. The choice is always yours.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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