Stress and Covid 19

An over looked fact at this point in the pandemic is the effect of stress more specifically cumulative stress. Sitting at home worrying is going to take it’s toll, there is no way around it. The present state of the world is creating a unique stressor on the population.

Stress as we have discussed makes it tough for your immune system to work. The good parts of the “flight or flight” stress hormone release may be good for short term protection but prolonged exposure is grossly damaging.

The point of strength exercise is to combat stress with stress. Strength training exercise releases a different cascade of chemicals in your body which offset stress. As well a walk or cardio can help stress levels but strength training actually will clean out the dammed up stress hormones.

Nervous stress is patient and will sneak up on you. Nervous stress will hit a tipping point and make you overall more of a target of all disease. Squeezing all of your muscle very hard against real weight will relax you and create a satisfying form of tiredness. This is a relaxed tiredness as opposed to the sluggish and agitated fatigue you get from nervous stress.

Let’s go people, this may the worst time to let weakness creep in!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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