Attention Personal Trainers!

We need more of you! We need to stop thinking of each other just as competition, friendly competition is fine but fundamentally we need to back each other up. Instead of wasting all our energy trying to upstage each other we need to spread the good word.


There was a time when dentistry was brutal and messy, people only saw a tooth-puller if they absolutely had to. Eventually dentists realized that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure and decided to uphold each other and their importance in the medical world.

As well dental hygienist’s have their own college in fact there was a time when surgeons were considered butchers…mostly because that was actually their day job! The point is the general public still think a good personal trainer is a luxury yet we know that staying strong is the foundation of healthcare not an after thought.


Just do the math – if 1% of my hometown (Ottawa, Canada) wanted a personal trainer they couldn’t have one for lack of availability. We have to support each other for our message to get around:

When folks let themselves get out of shape and weak THAT is when things go wrong and the doctor visits start.

No one ‘likes’ having to pay for car insurance or a dentist etc but we need them when we need them. As personal trainers we see it everywhere – people paying for the fact that their body is falling apart when we know it is completely preventable. We get caught up in how we know a fit body enjoys a much higher quality of life and forget the fundamentals of prevention.


If we personal trainers realize that we can raise the profile of our profession by supporting each other with camaraderie things will quickly become abundant for all. Friendly competition is great for improving our skill-sets but in our opinion we can and should mix it with a healthy dose of mutual respect.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




2 Replies to “Attention Personal Trainers!”

  1. David Gilbert says:

    I was nervous and afraid of failure at first when working with Andrew. Once I realized failing safely was the whole point, I began really looking forward to my work outs. Andrew and Tierney are highly skilled at keeping injured clients safe during recovery; and they’re really cool people..

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