You want what?!

Our last blog post left people wondering why we wouldn’t have placed motivation and willpower at the top of the list*. The answer has nothing to do with comparing your desire to achieve with the effort you apply to the process.

Lots of people try to get into an exercise program of one type or the other. Starting is rarely the problem. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to be physically fit and regardless of condition most would like to improve.

We don’t in any way claim to be psychologists but from experience we know this:

When it comes to getting and staying in shape ‘wanting’ as very little to do with ‘doing’. 


If this is the case then how does anyone convert desire into fitness reality? The answer appears to be found in the word ‘willingness’. To get strong, to reduce body fat percentage and to get active all means to change. Change as you know means both adding things and letting things go.

So it isn’t about your level of wanting or motivation. Plenty of people start an exercise program high on motivation. To change you must let go of the right things and add the right things. You must decide if you are willing to let go and to add what is needed. It is perhaps a subtle difference but as personal trainers who have worked with a lot of different people and it is always the defining factor between achieving and failure.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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