The top cause of fitness failure 

…and it is not lack of motivation

As personal trainers we have analyzed the best and worst methods to achieve fitness. As business owners we have analyzed the same for why various gym’s and studio’s fail or succeed for their clients.

There are plenty of factors to consider but we have a clear winner for top factor at play.

If what you try to do to get fit isn’t high effort and honestly and completely out of your comfort zone you achieve nothing. At best you are some degree of ‘out of shape’ but perhaps not quite as bad as someone else.


Alex Honnold, one of the most over-qualified people to consider such things said: “Nobody achieves anything great by being happy and cozy” ( ).

It’s fine to sit back and be happy with achievement and bask in it’s glow…but you don’t get there by staying comfortable. In fact, what you consider uncomfortable now may only feel that way because you have slowly lowered the bar for yourself. This can often go unnoticed but adds up over years.

If you are NOT committed to challenging your limits save your time, save your money and save yourself the stress and inevitable sense of disappointment and stay out of the fitness scene.


We can run our business and train people however we like, it is 100% our sandbox. The fact is if it isn’t collapsing your comfort zone entirely during your 30 minute session…it isn’t making you fit in the long run where it actually counts.

End of story.

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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