Movement that doesn’t matter #4 ‘Limbs’

Now that Michel has a good feel for the static hold technique we are mixing it up a bit. This workout we performed very few actual exercise choices but used plenty of short 5 second holds with 5 second breaks. This produces the effect of many reps and sets in a condensed timeframe to reduce the effects of cortisol release from exercise stress.

This session we focused on Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids, Quads, Hams, Glutes and lower back (lumbars). The arm work is easy to understand from the photo’s but the legs maybe a little less. The leg press is one leg holds alternated every 5 seconds in the top range. This is really tough with real loads and is NOT recommended for those unsupervised. The picture of Michel lying down flat is for the back of upper leg (hams) glutes and lower back. We alternated sides with the holds then pressed both legs down and out to straight legs for a 20 second final hold.

We decided to finish the workout with a combination exercise of holding a wall squat while also holding a shoulder side raise. The point here was more mental/nervous system than muscular. As mentioned in previous posts Michel has comfortable use of his legs while strength training but the opposite with shoulders. We have found by letting people like this work them together the good traits encourage the weaker traits.

At the end of the double move (wall squat/side raise) Michel then stood up still resting against wall and held the side raise as long as he could. Heart rate was well elevated and shoulders pumped!

Next session we will give shoulders, legs and back a break and focus on Chest, Arms and Abdominals. Any question feel free to comment.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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