Is life getting harder?

Our philosophical outlook? Ok let’s level with you, here is what as personal trainers we see and measure everyday.

People find life really tough a lot of the time, exhausting, sore back, neck, tired feet, aching knees etc. We hear all the complaints. The fact remains that in actuality getting food, water, shelter is super easy now. Jobs and getting to and from them is easier on whole than the past few generations by a wide margin.

Basically we have so much modern convenience it would boggle the minds of your great great grandparents – your great great grandparents who got by with much less, working much harder with far less medicine. So why does it seem like you couldn’t really deal with a significantly tougher lifestyle?!


Here’s a simple analogy to relate to: You have been sitting on the couch watching a movie for a few hours and a kid once again runs by disturbing you making noise so you can’t hear what the pivotal character just said and this time the kids toy bangs into your shin and you recoil in pain and aggravation. Now compare this to running around having fun playing outside with the same kid making noise and banging your shin twice as hard yet you barely notice.

This is how stress, adaptation, your immune system and your body as a whole works. The more relaxed you are over time the less stress you can endure. The easy extrapolation is we have much gentler lives now and it has weakened us. The end result is far less endurance and tolerance to any stress good or bad and thus life feels plenty tough especially on some of ‘those’ days. Now relaxation no longer replenishes us but the better part of the time it makes us feel even more tired and lethargic.

What else can we say? If you don’t get that and the obvious cure there isn’t anything anyone – no doctor or self proclaimed guru – can do for you.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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