Bone Density

Last blog post we highlighted Rod ( ) Rod at 87 comes faithfully every week for personal training. He doesn’t just do it to keep moving and keep busy he does it for bone density. People tend to be only vaguely aware that lifting weights is connected with bone density so lets cover the main points in this short post.


  1. Osteoporosis is highly common in both men and women as they age.
  2. Bone density problems take extended periods of time to halt or reverse even with drugs and drugs often have side effects especially long term.
  3. Lifting heavy weights trains your bones every bit as much as your muscles and connective tissue…but the weights have to be very heavy.
  4. LIfting weights heavy enough to make your bones strong and dense can be dangerous if you move too fast and use improper form.


Strong bones keep you away from losing mobility and independance as you age. Strong bones keep you away from joint replacement surgery. The key is staying consitent with your strength training over the years. Only one session a week will cover it if you do it every week.


Lift heavy – lift safe!

Remember regardless of what age you are your skeleton is the actual foundation and framework of the home you live in. If this structure weakens everything else will fall along with it…which is why as we say on our home page “there is nothing more important than strength”. Without it nothing else is protected and eventually without it living just isn’t possible.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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