The big clarification

Our approach to health and personal training isn’t mainstream. Though what we do is backed by science, exists around the globe and has been around for decades it remains a subset even you could say an outsider of popular fitness. Is this because it is quirky, expensive, time-consuming, dangerous or complicated? Maybe a little, not really, not at all, the opposite of and sort of but not really.


The only interesting point worth dwelling on is the huge differentiation we make between exercise and activity. Recently a colleague of ours (Edward Harrison Vital exercise) put it this way quite nicely:

“The human body is rather like an expensive automatic watch. It keeps working when you keep moving. Proper strength training is analogous to servicing the watch on a regular basis.”


So what most of the fitness world calls exercise is just different forms of activity/movement which does its part to keep you wound up and ticking. Cardio cross training class, biking, swimming, skiing, jogging all do their part for normal function because you have no other choice. Evolution made the choice, move regularly or fall apart at an accelerated rate. The elevated heart rate, gravity, shaking, bending squeezing, enhanced oxygenation and metabolic waste removal are all irreplaceable basic health requirements.


The important aspect here is that even if you remain active throughout life you still lose strength, muscle and weaken as you age. In the past with less technology at hand when folks had to move all the time they didn’t live longer or better…but they didn’t face the types of disease and suffering we now see wide spread from a dramatic reduction in our natural need to move – we have it physically easy now.

Organized activity helps for certain but over the past 50 years a new form of medicine has been perfected which allows for a longer and improved healthy lifestyle. This tech is called strength training BUT not any old strength training. This strong medicine has no side effects and takes less than an hour per week of exercise directed at improvement. Exercise which allows you to arrest the basic side effects of aging and literally turns back the clock to a great degree!


You can read about it in detail in the Body By Science book as well as just googling and youtubing the same name ( ). It’s about adding to mainstream playful fitness and allowing you to enjoy it better and longer because our method is sustainable (very small time commitment).

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

Here more from Ed Harrison here:



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