Proving verses improving

This year we turned 40 and 50 respectively so a natural inclination to reflect and assess was expected. As well this year the explosion of social media saw our industry of fitness going into overdrive with ‘proof’ of fitness prowess. Pictures and video of gymnastic contortions, ripped physiques, ninja skills and feats of power inundate the medium. While we are happy to report that our own physical strength and stamina tests continue to improve in our opinion too much of this has caused the ‘noise’ effect.

As the saying goes comparison can be a thief of joy

When things overflow with static/noise it can leave you feeling as unsatisfied as reaching into your chip bag only to discovered you’ve already chomped them all. Don’t get us wrong though, we preach being active, pushing today’s limits and finding accomplishment. It is just that our idea of strength and fitness isn’t about comparison, nor is it about judging yourself. Our idea of strength is about confronting life and the ‘ticking off’ effect of time.

We are as proud as anyone of our accomplishments but not just because of body fat percentages, weights lifted or speed and distance measurements. In all honesty we actually tend to choose activities we do not naturally excel at as experience has shown us the rewards last longer this way.


A cornerstone of our philosophy is knowing how to choose what to accept in life and when to push back…then push back hard. Strength to us is about improving our weaknesses as much as enjoying our natural traits.

We believe it is a worthwhile pursuit to prove to yourself that you can improve.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




One Reply to “Proving verses improving”

  1. David Gilbert says:

    Wonderful article. Well said.

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