Great cable combo’s part #1


This summer we rearranged things so we could bring our cable machine into the clinic as it offers such a wide variety of possibilities. In this series we’ll demo some of our favorites. Here we kick it off with a simple but effected ‘back’ – back and forth set.


Your back is a complex muscle group with many overlayed, overlapping and interlaced elements. The first video is from a previous post showing how to learn to target and control these muscles, it is worth reviewing to get more out of the cable row combination:


Below is a high/low row combination which when performed in the 6X6 fashion really helps get at your various back structures. By dramatically varying the angle and letting fatigue and feel build up you achieve a thorough deep stimulus.

The set up is simple, one high close grip handle and one low straight (supinated) bar. The trick is to pick a weight you could do about 10-15 reps with. You perform 6 reps of one exercise then 6 reps of the other and repeat 6 times. You want to be just at the point that the last 6 reps of each exercise is really tough…almost impossible to complete. 

Give it a go!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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