Positive energy…

We often forget to mention positive energy a) because it can sound unscientific and b) because it is subtle and we tend to take it for granted. We’re not referring to the possibility of energy medicine but rather the distinction of a workout verses work.


Most people exercise to sweat and get a feeling of…having really exercised a lot. That is sport, fun etc but not actually exercise. Exercise IS medicine and properly designed stimulates your system rather than depressing it as an end result.

What is the difference?

Strength training in small intense doses clears out the stress hormones and precisely stimulates your muscles and all the support systems (neurological, hormonal etc) to wake up and fortify. The end result is feeling worked-out not tired out from work.


We bring this up because all this summer past we trained hard and long with trail racing. The sheer volume of extra activity meant standard strength workouts were kept to pure maintenance rather than an extra push for gains. Furthermore, we lifted weights a little less often than normal for convenience, thus making the effect stand out when we did exercise.


The fact is even with tired bodies from tough long runs in the hills we always feel a spark of new energy…positive energy after of strength training. It is more noticeable than ever when you are feeling the cumulative effects of increasing the miles in our sport.

Remember real exercise is to increase your strength which re-energizes you for everything else. Strength training relaxes you rather than just exhausting you and there is an important distinction between the two.

Be positive, get strong,


Andrew and Tierney


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